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Marytn Skynne, Wise Choices Senior Practitioner

A spirit for adventure

Martyn grew up in rural Southwest England where as a child he studied with indigenous ergonomic practitioners, learning how to read and work with emotional and natural energies.

His spirit for adventure and further learning saw him advance his education in sensory awareness, emotional intelligence and earth skills across the globe. Martyn’s involvement in professional health care and problem-solving activities allowed him to provide valuable support to both private and business clients; after which, he decided to leave the commercial world to become a community welfare officer, tutor and mentor, before training and working as a multi-model counsellor with applied psychology and ergonomics.

Throughout Martyn’s working life, he observed that successful people - who had often evolved from low income or poor educational backgrounds, had a better understanding of their emotional intelligence patterns compared to less successful people.

He also identified that a person’s health was linked to the compatibility between their emotional intelligence patterns and life experiences. People plagued by poor health with a decreased ability to recover from illness or injury were less likely to understand their own emotional intelligence patterns.

Martyn realised that in order to help people avoid failure, achieve success and improve their health, a better understanding of their emotional intelligence patterns would be needed – and so he created Wise Choices with an aim of improving his clients’ quality of life in a variety of ways.

Martyn can also provide information which can answer many unexplained questions and unsolved mysteries.

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