Improve your life by using your natural emotional intelligent patterns.

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Understand your emotional intelligence.

Everyone can reduce or avoid many of the problems they encounter in daily life by understanding how their emotional intelligence patterns guides them toward unproductive behaviours and often poor health.

Wise Choices is a fast and effective route to improving your life by understanding and using your emotional intelligence abilities.

I can help to provide the information you need to understand your individual emotional intelligence patterns that can be used to help you to fulfil your true potential.

By discovering why you and others behave the way they do, my aim is to facilitate a deep understanding of our choices to unlock a multitude of benefits, including developing educational and sport skills, tackling problems such as debt, ill health and relationship difficulties, and enhancing employment prospects.

"Emotional Intelligence is a gentle and caring energy within the person‘s Solar Plexus, if a person’s emotional intelligence is subjected to any form of abuse, shock or stress or it is out-of-balance it can become damaged."

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